PTL China B2B News share with youhis edition will also introduce the new fapiao issuing requirement.
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Dear jingjing,

Half of 2018 has passed by and there have occured a few things in PTL in the first half year: China Boot Camp for Australian Start-ups was held successfully; Partner Event one year anniversary took place in WeWork; PTL expended its presence to the UK market and PTL Guangzhou moves to a new location…
In this PTL China B2B newsletter you will read about: China launched a few changes in order to ease market access for foreign companies: company setup procedures have been cut short; central bank has loosened the rules for foreign payment firms operating in China; VAT reduction in many sectors from May 2018 and tax cut-off for SMEs and high tech companies, etc. Enjoy your reading!

New Policy Changes

Simplifying Company Set Up, Construction Projects & Obtaining Access to Government Services  

The Chinese authorities have recently announced new policies for easing business in China. Some measures will be taken to simplify and drastically reduce approval time for starting a foreign-invested enterprise (FIE), construction projects, and accessing government services. The measures will be implemented in specific areas of the country first, and then will apply nationwide by the first half of 2019. Read more

International Leading IC Foundry’s Business Journey in China

An Interview with TowerJazz China Country Manager-Mr. Lei Qin  

Q: What are the typical challenges for companies like TowerJazz in the Chinese market? Do you have any advice for them?
A: According to the China Semiconductor Industry Association, China's Integrated Circuit (IC) market revenues represent 38% of the $102 billion worldwide IC industry market. The fabless business in China has grown rapidly and will continue to grow in the future. However, for international foundries, their biggest challenge is how to customize and localize their solutions and support according to Chinese clients’ requests. As a sales representative, you have to understand what the Chinese clients need and then translate that need into how you can utilize your company’s special technology to help these target clients. Read more

China Reduces Value Added Tax Rates and Adjusts Threshold

  In line with last month announcement of implementing major value added tax (VAT) reform in 2018, China announced the first step in this reform process was enacted on the 1st of May. Two major changes are expected following this announcement. These measures will apply to both domestic and foreign-funded companies (joint ventures, WOFE…) which is good news for all business entities in China. We delve a bit deeper to explore the impact of this announcement.Read more

1% VAT Rate Reduction

VAT Threshold Increase

Currently, small-to-medium companies’ whose [value added taxable revenue] Taxable revenue is lower than the threshold of RMB 500,000 (USD 79,700) for the manufacturing and service industries, and RMB 800,000 (USD 127,500) for trading companies, can be registered as small-scale tax payers to enjoy a 3% taxation rate – under certain conditions.
Over the VAT three-tiered rate structure (17%, 11% & 6% rates), the 17% and 11% rates will be decreased to respectively 16% and 10%. The statement did not indicate any changes to the 6% VAT rate. 

China to Take 7 Major Measures to Cut Taxes for SMEs and High-Tech Firms

Following China government’s objective to ease business for foreign investors and businesses, new policies will take place in order to alleviate financial pressure on small & medium companies in addition to high-technology firms. It was announced that 7 measures will be applied nationwide starting this year, after a successful test period in eight zones that included Beijing, Shanghai, & Suzhou industrial park. In the long term, such measures are expected to reduce the tax burden of more than 60 billion RMB (equal to 9.4 billion USD) for SMEs and high-tech firms in China. Read more

The First China International Import Expo (CIIE) Will be Held on November 5th

in Shanghai

The first ever China International Import Expo (CIIE) will take place this November in Shanghai. The Expo’s objective is to provide new opportunities for foreign countries & companies to expand their exports to China, sending a clear message to overseas investors: China is eager to open its market to new products and services from abroad. This initiative is just another tangible example of the government’s interest in affirming its openness to the globalized world. Read more

Easier Market Access for Foreign

Payment Firms 

Rules for foreign-invested payment firms over Chinese market access have recently been changed by China’s central bank to promote openness and equality in their treatment towards foreign payment firms as compared to local payment firms. So far, foreign payment services have not – or hardly – been able to make RMB settlement in China.Even though global market leaders’ payment services, like Visa & MasterCard, are functional in Chinese market, but the payment is done through Union Pay settlement channel. Read more 

PTL Group Guangzhou Opens New


PTL Group operates in four main cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Changzhou. Guangzhou has been the hub for manufacturing and retail industries. It is also nearby Shenzhen, where a number of internet high tech companies are located. This June, our Guangzhou team moved to a new office near Guangzhou East Station, to better serve our clients from the center.

Our Dutch Client-SABA Will Exhibit at FMC Shanghai

September 11-14

SABA, the Dutch producer of high-quality and technically progressive adhesives and sealants, will exhibit at FMC Shanghai this September. PTL Group has supported their headquarter to manage the preparation of the booth 5 years in a roll.

Visit their booth in Hall N10, Booth E31


July-September Exhibitions in Shanghai 

 Jul 18-20
 Aug 15-17
 Aug 15-17
 Sep 04-06
 Sep 19-21
 Sep 19-23  
 Sep 26-29

How Can We Assist You in China?

For the past 17 years we've been assisting international companies manage their operations in the Chinese market. We would be happy to assist you as well with our array of proffesional services in China:

About us
PTL Group is a sales and distribution incubator, and fulfillment logistics provider for SMEs entering China. As a strategic partner, PTL Group supports companies selling advanced technology products in B2B markets by providing managment services and operational infrastructure to its clients. Offering the Managment-in-Trust business model, PTL Group supports companies in different stages of their penetration into the market.

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